Hello, Sailor! (introduction and project updates)


Hi. My current projects include learning to use Git and Bitbucket, and trying to update a bunch of things on IFWiki.


(Very belated) hello Finn! I recognize you from 2011 IFComp. It’s good you’re still writing. It’s cool to read about your projects–I seem to remember D-Day in your sig at intfiction.org. So this is a poke to see if you’ve done anything in the past 6 weeks–which, well, I haven’t done as much as I wanted, but I hope you did.


I sort of went in a black hole for a while but am climbing back out…I posted some source and am putting regular updates to github.com/andrewschultz & I know I need to get back to 1 or 2 people here. Sorry for that.

But I was able to make a fix in Threediopolis that a tester–someone who’s been on this board, I think suggested & I deferred as too hard. Turns out it wasn’t.

I don’t think I’ll be able to respond to a testing cycle before IFComp, but if possible, I’d really like to have them to work on during IFComp so I keep my mind off looking for reviews. Thing is, though–the most likely candidates to test will (and should) probably be playing the IFComp games themselves. So I am thinking by end of year.

By the way, is there anything (hard or soft reasons) against us all splitting off our own threads for project updates as opposed to introductions? I would be really interested/receptive to see what other people have to say, and as long as we didn’t spam (e.g. once a week) it might be a good way to help some people progress. I don’t think intfiction has that, and though some of us have blogs/source control, it’s still neat to have a thread. I gain a lot of inspiration just seeing what other people have done.

(Also I feel a bit tacky replying to myself in thi thread :slight_smile: )


No, it sounds like a good idea. Feel free!



My local interactive fiction meetup here in the DC / Baltimore area mentioned this little community, so figured I’d come by and check it out!

As with most fans of the genre, I too am working on some interactive fiction!

It’s a digital gamebook inspired by the work of Choice of Games, Sorcery, and Tin Man Games (Fighting Fantasy). It focuses on adventure, replayability, and strategy. Perhaps what makes it most unique is the mini-card game used for combat.

Lately I’ve been reaching out to IF fans to see what they hate/love about it. Conventions have gone really well, but real fans of the genre have been hard to find! If you have time, I would love to get your feedback during the upcoming beta!

I’m a programmer by-trade, but trying my hand at art and writing. The writing is particularly the hardest part…


Welcome! I think I recognise your avatar. :slight_smile: Enjoy your stay here, feel free to… er… discuss freely. (Quite the wordsmith, aren’t I?)


I’ve registered an intent for Spring Thing. Looking at Inform 7. Never published anything before. I probably won’t have enough motivation to finish it. Guess I will be relying on extensions to get it done in time.

Story bias watch
I noticed that the ST entry form requires a work “telling an interactive story with words”.


I’m Paul Lee, and I like interactive fiction. I don’t do much regarding IF anymore, but for now I’ll hawk my seven reviews that I managed to get written for the competition that just ended.

This is a really cool discussion forum platform. I haven’t seen anything like it before, although that’s not really surprising.

I recently–finally–took the initiative to learn how to use Git. I’m not really much of a developer, but version control is more-or-less necessary for a lot of things, I’ve learned.


Great to see you here, Paul! If you’re still looking at git clients, I’d suggest trying Sourcetree. That one has been working pretty well for me.


Welcome. I agree that SourceTree is a pretty decent tool.


Hey, great to see you stop by, Paul, and thanks (again) for your review. I tried to ignore them throughout the comp and by the time yours came around I was knee deep in other projects.

Source control has been wonderful for me as I am 99% less worried about losing stuff than before. I can try experiments. I can check changes to make sure I changed what I really wanted. This is all relatively non-technical. It’s left me free to make changes big or small.


yo, Ricardo from brazil here. I’m an old internet troll, homeless in a politically correct world, and game connoisseur. My main project here is to actually reach the end of more (parser) IF.


Uh… getting a warning that posting in this thread may not be a brilliant idea, but I’m doing it anyway, because it’s called “introduction” and stilled pinned.

So, hello everybody! My username is also my real name, so feel free to call me by that one :wink: Just read through some quite interesting discussions on here. Although I’m not as active anymore in text adventure circles as I used to be (I had two quite intense phases, one in the mid-90s and one around 2010) and I don’t have any projects in the pipeline right now, I’m still playing & contemplating genre theory occasionally. This seems to be a nice place especially for the latter.


Welcome to the forum, Hannes! Personally, I find my love of IF ebbs and flows. It was actually pretty low before “Get Lamp” and the first PAX East reinvigorated it, and since then, I’ve been pretty good about staying involved in a project or two to keep me interested.


nice joke

really, nice joke


Well, I’m known for having a humor so dry that most people don’t even realize I’m joking!

Though in all seriousness, I found some interesting thoughts in the IF Comp 2016 thread, for example. At least “somebody” over there was brave enough to call out the insanity which is “achievements”. Great to hear that, especially in a place running on a software which has a virtually identical mechanic (at least I’m being bombarded with “stars” I’ve earned for trivial usage steps ;)).


yeah, I don’t get the achievements here either. I think they should only be awarded for owneds.


i actually need that small poke to do a bit more or try new things, but I see how it can be annoying. The good thing is that they get rarer, quicker. I’d assume there’s an option to turn that off? Would that be a good meta topic?


Yeah, I believe there was an option to turn the achievements off, and they really do come up with such frequency that it’s hard to interpret them as anything but a joke (one that I actually thought was funny).


Mostly playing around with vaporware’s ZILF compiler and learning the ZIL language. I have a blog which shares my (slow) progress. :slight_smile: