I can't navigate this board

I’m sorry if this information is somewhere and I missed it, but how do I…

(1) Click back to the main board when I am in thread view. Currently I have to hit refresh to do this, which reloads EVERYTHING. Shouldn’t there be a link somewhere?

(2) Click back to reload the thread I am currently reading from the beginning. Sometimes scrolling up does not suffice for this, because sometimes after I edit or post in the thread, the page only half-loads, and I want to click back to the start of the thread, but there is no link that does this. Instead I have refresh intfic.com from the start, find the thread title in the list, and click it again. Quite annoying!

Needs moar links.

Click the “INTFIC” or “IF” logo on the top left.

Long threads like this one show a progress bar gadget in the bottom right. Click that and it’ll expand with navigation buttons.

(Edit: I guess it shows up in any thread with more than one post.)

[quote=“vaporware, post:2, topic:109”]
Click the “INTFIC” or “IF” logo on the top left.[/quote]
I have tried that so many times but nothing happens. It might be because I am back on the Snow Leopard version of Safari (5.1), which I can’t upgrade without upgrading Snow Leopard, which I can’t upgrade without getting a new computer. I don’t know if that link works in Firefox but I stopped using FF too b/c the newest versions eat up too much memory & can’t be run comfortably with 2gb ram. I find this state of affairs sad for basic forum web browsing but I suppose it’s inevitable even w/tech designed to be as backwards compatible as possible like HTML. [EDIT: I tried the link in the latest Firefox and it works fine there.]

Those don’t work for me either. Also, when I switch tabs while editing a post here and then switch back, almost the entire browser window goes black and I usually have to abandon that page, refresh intfic.com, and navigate to my post from scratch. I guess a lot of the navigational links on this forum software just don’t work in any version of Safari more than 3 years old.

I really gotta upgrade my computer.

Yeah, I know I prefer going to the home page (just type in intfic.com) and just browse from there. I’m on Firefox. I have to admit I find the non-chronological (who replies to what) view a bit intimidating…but the last-date posting works great.

I never tried to click the progress bar. The More You Know!