Just want to share


Good job on this. Don’t be so diffident about your talent, though. You clearly have skills as a performer, and even on my lousy laptop built-in speakers the singing sounded good.


Congrats on this new development! I can’t offer any critiquing other than “yeah, nice job” but this must have felt good.

It’s good to see other people in the community chasing their dreams–and getting somewhere–beyond just writing something new to play.


Don’t stress about the sound of your own voice. The microphone of a single-source video camera will never capture the complete dynamic range of any performance as it sounds live, and in a recording studio they have all the ways to make a voice sound the best it can.

Plus, psychologically, most people will never completely like the recorded sound their own voice. This is because you are accustomed to hearing it within the acoustics inside your skull, which will never be replicated by any recording.


Very true. That’s also the basis of learning to sing - you have to stop listening to yourself with your inside ear, as it were. As you place the voice as far upward and forward as you can, you start hearing it less and less. Which makes sense - the reason for all your hard work is for as many people as possible to enjoy your voice, not for you to hear it and keep it all for yourself.

I already knew that going in, and I’ve had years to get used to how my voice really sounds. :slight_smile: I just get sort of hyper-critical when I start sharing recordings, especially if they weren’t made in the best conditions. Thanks for the kind words - in fact, thank you all.