Build adventure game maps in your browser

#1 is a browser-based tool that lets you easily map adventure games. Drag rooms into your map and link them up using connections in all compass directions. Add a list of objects present in each room. Finally, export your map straight to your adventure game toolkit of choice: TADS, Inform, Quest or Alan.

Trizbort,io is inspired by Trizbort, a desktop-based mapping tool originally created by Genstein and enhanced and maintained by Jason Lautzenheiser.

Edit room details quickly

Trizbort,io lets you edit the properties of your rooms using a quick and intuitive editor. Room name and description, room colors, room borders, elliptical or octagonal rooms are supported.

Add named objects with descriptions to your rooms, and create containment relationships - which will be included in your code generation later.

Generate code from your map

Trizbort,io can export your map to various adventure game development system. It supports TADS 3, Inform 7, Quest and Alan 2/3, among others. Code is generated for your rooms, connections and objects, and you can feed it straight into your compiler.

If you’d like to dive straight in, here is a link that opens Trizbort,io with a map preloaded:


Here are two more maps to play with in Trizbort,io:


Even more maps:


This is pretty great, but I can’t seem to export to Inform 7. Also saving a map gives me a .json file that won’t open again. It shows up in the load dialog but is not selectable.

I’m on Mac btw.


Thanks for trying things out! Your using a mac might be a clue for what’s going wrong. Are you using the Safari browser?

I am moving this issue to Trizbort’s Github repository since there are now several contributors working on this project.

If you have any additional info about this issue, please let us know!


Hi again, I was actually using Google Chrome.


Thanks again for reporting this. I have confirmed that code export indeed did not work as it should. A downloadable file was never offered. This has now been fixed; you should be able to export and save a file to local disk, in all code flavors.

I haven’t yet been able to replicate the issue where you can’t reopen a map file you just saved.