Trizbort Release - v1.5.9.8

Small release put together with a few items:

  • if the default hand drawn option was not checked in the appsettings, then you could never make a room with hand drawn edges. This should be corrected.
  • I6 support for exporting Doors…thanks to Andrew Schultz and Hugo Labrande
  • Accented characters where not being exported properly to Hugo, I6 and TADS (#330 & #329 - Thanks to Hugo Labrande for the report).
  • Tooltip issue when opening a new map when one was already loaded (#327)

I have a typo in the release notes. The Hugo support for doors was really for I6. I think I saw Hugo’s name and in my head translated that to support in Hugo…

That’s pretty funny. When I had read it, I had thought, wow, that’s a lot of Hugo in one sentence!


I really need to get going with some small pull requests I’d been considering for a while. They’re trivial features but I think they’d help (e.g. listing the rooms in each region in the output files.)

There’s so much small stuff in my own projects that I keep prioritizing over this, though. But someone writing up some small bugs sort of snapped me back to remembering I wanted to do something, here.

I’ve mentioned this before, but would it be possible to make an official Mono build? New versions of Trizbort don’t run properly through WINE, and I miss it.

I suspect the problem is there is a 3rd party component in there that I think is very windows specific and does not have a Mono version…in theory it should all work, but I do believe this is the issue. I’d have to refactor that out of there and unfortunately, that is not necessarily an easy job…well I should say it’s relatively easy, but might be slightly tedious and could change appearances of some of the controls on the screen.

It’s something I want to do as it will add some benefit (not just in hopefully allowing a mono build), just have not tackled it yet…

I would love this. Trizbort for Mac is the only missing piece. I know if I were smart I could wine-bottle it or however-you-do for myself, but…

I’d guess it’s the DLL for the tooltips? I suppose it’d be a pain to track versions with tooltips and versions without. It’d probably mean a lot of #ifdef CAN_TOOLTIP …

And by the time you wrote it up, WINE would probably have found a way to support the DLL you mentioned, anyway. Maybe I can go on whatever forums they have and see what is being developed.

It’s much more than the tooltips. Many other controls are handled by this component. So not as simple as handling with conditional compilation. The component just needs replaced with the standard components and if we loose some niceties because of it…so be it.

If someone comes up with a working unofficial (?) wine-bottle of Trizbort for Mac, I’m “rarin’” for it.

@AndrewS are you still working on any updates? I’m hoping to merge in the pull requests out there now and create a release this weekend (or at least before the 4th).

Thanks for the reminder, @harpua. I think I’ll send in one more update for some the obscure stats from that one issue, which should be tonight or early tomorrow morning, and that should be it.

Awesome we’ll be getting a new release soon!