Accessibility and Usability

Unfortunately it’s not really practical to keep two lists updated, but I thought I should at least link it here:


Authors! Designers! Developers! Lend me your eyes!

Now that you’ve got no eyes, think about that project of yours - can you still play it?

Nowadays, there are many devices to play IF in, and many players who want to play your game. But those devices may have limitations, and some of your players - maybe the ones who will be your biggest fans - may have some disability that’ll prevent them from enjoying your masterpiece.

You didn’t know about all that? That’s ok, you don’t have to know, maybe no one bothered to bring it up. Well, what follows is a list - hopefully a growing one - of things you should consider. Fair warning: I’ll be freely mixing together accessibility and usability. They’re not the same thing… but it’ll help you to think of them as kissing cousins.

You know what’s really funny? I abuse visual formatting so much that my own thread partly fails at accessibility. :slight_smile: Anyway, any and all input/suggestions welcome. I’d like for this to be actually useful. Draconis already made a big step in that direction by sticky-ing it, and since he’s also here, thank you Draconis!

EDIT - I can edit my original posts again! Whoo-hoo!