Adventure (Colossal Cave) for ZIL: Beta Testing


Sorry I have not had time to do additional playtesting on this. I will certainly play this more and comment in the future: just not sure how soon.


Uploaded version 0/150823; see new link in OP.

Parser/game changes:

  • Moved a lot of scenery over to the new scenery system (pseudo objects). The pseudo objects in a room are listed when you use XOBJ on the room.
  • Implemented OOPS, which can correct some single-word parser errors: specifically, the ones where the parser complains about a specific word.
  • Implemented multi-commands like “w. n. s” or “go in then get all”.
  • Implemented ordering other characters (currently only useful for the bear).
  • Yes/no questions now use line input on all Z-machine versions, instead of continuing as soon as you press Y or N.
  • Added more names to the CREDITS.
  • Changed the way things wash away in the stream. Above ground, or in one underground location, they will not be lost forever.
  • Added a new entry point into the hint system: typing HINT or THINKing ABOUT something will repeat the hint for the location, or offer the hint if it hasn’t already been seen.
  • The treasure chest only appears after encountering the pirate at least once.

New responses, alternatives, and so on:

  • Tweaked the responses to examining numbers.
  • The bottle can be referred to as “empty bottle”.
  • Disambiguate between the bottled and non-bottled oil/water for DRINK, POUR, and PUT IN.
  • Clarify response for trying to fill the vase.
  • Allow the vase to be dropped on the floor in the Soft Room.
  • Added “BEAR, FOLLOW ME” and “BEAR, WAIT” as alternative syntaxes.
  • Added some synonyms for WAIT and CATCH.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where semi-cardinal directions like northwest only worked in abbreviated form.
  • Fixed bug where the game hung after using debugging verbs to enter an object that wasn’t a container.
  • Fixed bug where AGAIN didn’t work correctly after guessing a missing noun.
  • Fixed bug where the status line was drawn incorrectly during the pre-game beta question.


Uploaded release candidate 1/150919. See new link in OP. V3 only this time: maybe there’ll be a “Solid Gold” release later, but there’s already a game called advent.z5, and I like being the only advent.z3.

  • G THEN G now continues the command correctly at the second G. (It was continuing at the same word position in the previous command, which lead to strange errors.)
  • The score no longer mysteriously drops when addressing other actors while holding a treasure. (Due to the way actors work in ZIL, the scoring system that runs between turns was checking the wrong person’s inventory and deducting the points you got for holding a treasure.)
  • Many actions will now interrupt a multi-command if they fail, such as trying to walk in a direction where there’s no exit.
  • Added PAY as a quasi-synonym for GIVE, similar to FEED.
  • Added SLEEP and REST as synonyms for WAIT.
  • Added AXE (verb) as a synonym for attacking with the axe.
  • Added response for FEE FIE FOE FOO (it’s not accepted, the parser can’t easily handle this, but the failure message is better).
  • Added response for HELLO and SAY HELLO.
  • Added MAG/MAGS as synonyms for the magazines (but only on V4+ due to property size limits).
  • Added response for referring to a knife thrown by the dwarf.

If no last-minute issues come up, I plan to release this by Monday.


Pre-emptive congrats! I know what a pain it can be to check off on things before a release. Good job getting close–and I do enjoy reading change logs.