Anyone want a HUGE collection of IF?


I just realized I have no clue how to use torrents. To me torrent always got tied up with illegal stuff, but this is obviously not the case. Maybe this is a good time to experiment.



…it’s just as legal as P2P. Meaning, the software isn’t illegal. The intended use probably isn’t illegal. But it’s a great tool for you to share illegally, if you want to.

In this case, though, it’s not illegal. Well, since I admitted there’s some commercial games there, it’s not 100% in the clear either. But you have a choice to stop downloads of any files you don’t want, so you do have a say in the matter.

But as I was saying, torrents - like P2P - are, as I understand, a convenient way to get something huge from person A to person B. As valid as a filesharing system. It’s just that it’s a system that’s so EASY to use for illegal purposes, that, well, most people do.

But HAVING a torrent program and client is just as illegal as having a computer. It’s what you do with it that’s legal or not. If you never use illegal torrents, you’re never doing anything illegal.

…and, that’s as far as my knowledge goes!

EDIT - Aaaah, my torrent client has sprung to life! I can see someone has started successfully downloading. Excellent, everything’s working great.

I’ll check back in a month or so to see if I can delete the collection from my hard drive, or if some more seeding is still necessary. Until then party on, and be excellent to each other! Keep it nice, keep it cool, and keep it sane, above all else.

If there are any problems with the torrent in the meantime - like, if download speed is awful and you know how I can increase it (that last bit: really important) PM me. I’ll still get the e-mail notifications.


I started a partial download about 6 hours ago. Unfortunately I don’t have the drive space to hold the whole thing, so I won’t be a proper seeder, but I’ll keep the Infocom and Z-machine stuff available if nothing else.


Then you’ll want the “Inform & Glulx” folder, mostly, but I’d also recommend the following folders as they contain ZCode games/ports:

  • Adventure
  • Apollo 18+20
  • Scott Adams and Adventure International
  • Phoenix and Topologika

In the “Pending Games” folder, there’s a few unsorted ZMachine games. And, of course, the whole IFComp2016.

EDIT - Oh, but you don’t have to dive deep into the alphabetical folders of Pending Games for any Inform stuff. No, you’ll find all of that either in IFCOmp2016 or just in Pending Games, not under any other subfolder.

TADS and ZCode/Glulx games are pretty much sorted, as well as web.based games. They’re the ones I could play on the go! So I gave them priority. :grin:

EDIT 2 - Just before I go to bed… I noticed people were downloading at, like, 6kb/s. So I took a look at my preferences, removed the speed limit, and it’s averaging at a better-looking 300Kb/s, with occasional ups and downs. I trust it’s an improvement. :slight_smile: I’ll cap it again tomorrow if need be, but I’m going to bed now, so you might as well make the most of it!


Yeah, it’s basically just a technique to distribute the cost of sharing files among groups of people.

As a very simplified example, imagine that person A wants to get a 100 MB file to persons B and C.

Traditionally, B would download the file from A, and C would also download the file from A. If we take an accounting after this has been done, we see that A uploaded 200 MB (100 MB to B and 100 MB to C), B downloaded 100 MB (from A), and C downloaded 100 MB (from A).

Using a bittorrent-like protocol, what would happen is that B would download the first half of the file from A, C would download the second half of the file from A, then B would download the second half of the file from C, and C would download the first half of the file from B.

Taking an accounting here, we’d see that A uploaded 100 MB (50 MB to B and 50 MB to C), B downloaded 100 MB (50 MB from A and 50 MB from C) and uploaded 50 MB (to C), and C downloaded 100 MB (50 MB from A and 50 MB from B) and uploaded 50 MB (to B). So the extra 100 MB that A would have had to upload in our first example has instead been distributed among B and C, reducing the pressure on A’s outgoing link.


There you go, people. I hope you feel more instructed now. I do. :slight_smile: Puzzled and confused, but that’s because it’s 2.50am (a new hobby has kept me awake). But instructed!

Also, “instructed” is certainly not the word. I hope the meaning comes across. If not, woe betide us for the tower of babel is again upon is. Hmmm. This is why I don’t usually post at 3am. I should go to slepelçjkfbnla .hksb jwawa [snore]


The meaning came across. Now is a bad time to quibble about word choice. @vlaviano, thanks for the explanation. And yeah, I’m vulnerable to not quite posting what I mean even when wide awake.


As we have some real expertise amongst the contributors here, can anyone summarize the use of torrents from a security perspective? I’ve never used them, because I’m risk averse to computer security hassles (viruses, hijackings, etc).

No need to go into great detail as a) I don’t want to derail this discussion, and b) I probably wouldn’t understand the details anyway. Are these kinds of file-sharing generally “safe-ish,” assuming one doesn’t use them to directly seek out illegal types of content?


I think so. The two things that come mind are that peers discover one another’s IP addresses via the torrent’s trackers so that they can download content directly from each other, and ISPs can usually detect that you’re using a P2P protocol and perhaps make an erroneous assumption that you’re engaging in illegal activity when you’re not (they’re kind of between a rock and a hard place where customers want privacy and the entertainment industry is lobbying governments to deputize the ISPs to investigate copyright infringement).


Thanks for the info. That doesn’t sound too bad. If I were to guess, my thinking would be that the primary risk even if one were deliberately looking for things one ought not be looking for is not from potential legal problems, but rather that uploaders of bad stuff are mostly crims and mischief-makers who are likely to add security-breaching “bonus content” to take advantage of those who don’t exercise caution when downloading. I may be totally wrong on that though.


Have you shared this with Jason Scott before? Even if it can’t all go on he’d probably have a good idea of what to do with the rest.


I think I tried to contact him once before. Someone suggested as much over at the french forum. Didn’t have much luck.

I’m not sure it’s the sort of archive he’d be interested in. If I had every version of every game, I’m sure he’d love it. As it is, it’s mostly of interest for players. Having said that… the torrent is out there, and if someone wants to point it out to him, go wild!


IF is still better than pr0n, Peter


Why not combine the two? The AIF crowd have been doing that for years.


Origami, actually. Fun fact: there’s a book called Pornogami. I wasn’t folding anything from that book (I was in fact folding a horse, and yes, it was anatomically correct), but I plan to at some point. It’s good for a laugh.

I am rather offended that you would think that of me, namekusejin. That wouldn’t be a new hobby.


How’s the torrenting (is that the right word?) going? I always meant to download your collection in the past but, as with a lot of things I intend to do, I never got around to actually doing it. Funnily enough, even after all these years I’ve never played most of the Infocom games and if they’re part of your collection, this is probably as good a time as any to take a crack at them.


They are, and they include all the feelies.

A note about the feelies… they’re all in PDF form, and when I first made them, I made a serious blunder. I’m afraid a lot of things are stretched to fit an A4 sheet (because I printed them all out and put them in bindings). But it’s not too bad, really, and the stuff that would have been seriously distorted is still the original proportion; I didn’t stretch that.

Tranfers have been steady, thanks for asking. :slight_smile: I don’t know how many people have it already but I expect that over the next week or so enough will have been transferred that I can pull out. I’ll ask before, evidently.

Let me remind y’all again: it is possible (well, at least it’s possible in my client, uTorrent) for you to click a file or folder and go “I don’t want to download this”. If you’re concerned about unadvertantly downloading commercial titles, PM me and I’ll tell you what these are likely to be, memory permitting. Some folders will be quite obvious as for what you can expect, of course.

(if in doubt about any particular commercial game… if it’s IF and it’s downloadable, it’s there. Sole exception being Worldsmith. I planned to purchase it but never got around to doing it, and now, well…

Actually, there are other exceptions. Some commercial twine games have been cropping up occasionally as well. Those I didn’t buy)

EDIT - Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I just remembered something. I have commercial and registered emulators in there.

That’s a no-no. I’ll be deleting them. I trust everyone has their own emulators, anyway. For Windows, I recommend Spectaculator (it really is spectacular), and of course AppleWin and Amiga Forever, and BeebEm, and CCS64 or PC64Win.

EDIT - Actually, while I’m at it, I should delete the commercial games too.

Hadean Lands and Cipher spring to mind. Textfyre games and 1893 are now free. Future Boy is… I have no idea. So HL and C and… er… I guess that’s it for now.

Some games are abandonware, pretty much. The eternal edge case. If someone asks me to remove them, they’re gone. Until then… they’re there.

Guys, this means the torrent will error at some points. Don’t worry about it. Keep going with the files still left.

EDIT - I’m having now to re-check the torrent, because of the files I removed which it expected to still be there. I seriously hope I didn’t screw this up.


truth be told, while I do enjoy some historic digging to appease curiosity, I have to say most older stuff is really best left to nostalgy. I tried really hard to enjoy the crude simplism of Scott Adams or the pac-man disguising as IF that the huge maze of empty rooms that were most of the games by Level 9 really were, but I simply can’t.

I think our digital age has people going bonkers about preserving all kinds of junk. Junk is best left to rot… in the past, it was simple: it just rot for itself while people looked away for other things, but now we keep collecting and talking about them as if they were any worth…

thus, I’m really not sure I want to download 20GB of mostly junk for junk’s sake. The Infocom and IFComp gems I have them all already…

This is not directed specifically at you, Peter. It’s a phenomenon of our time, I call it the BIG empty HD syndrome: “what do I do with all that emptiness besides filling it”…

sorry, I woke up in a trollish mood. good thing we have a forum with enough freedom for that :slight_smile:


Didn’t seem trollish, don’t worry. I like digging through the junk because some gems fall through the cracks… but no way am I going to try and convince anyone that 90% of the Spectrum and Commodore games in my collection are worth playing. :slight_smile:


Mind you, I agree. Being a packrat myself, I’d have to. We keep trying to fill our lives with something. We keep on looking for something elusive, and if we can’t find it we hoard tons of meaningless little things, maybe on hopes of looking back at them at the end of our lives and being able to say “these things prove I accomplished something”.

Or maybe it’s just so that we don’t feel lonely. This is a lonely world. The veneer of social media makes it lonelier.

Heh. You woke up trollish? Well I woke up philosophying!