Anyone want a HUGE collection of IF?


then it’s a good time to start filling the HD with Plato and company :wink:


Well, well. I deleted some files…

…and now as a result I am downloading them from whoever has already downloaded them from me. :slight_smile: So clearly THAT didn’t work.

Look, we’re all on the straight and narrow here, and I don’t want to have to rebuild the torrent and force you to redownload. I’m going to leave it as it is. You now know about the biggest possible offenders. Your client should allow you to easily select every file in the “Tools and Interpreters” folder and select “Don’t Download”, or something similar.

Sheesh. Sorry about that.

(the “upload” isn’t moving now. Sheeeet…)

(I can’t believe this, but I may have to re-add what I just deleted from my USB pen backup just to keep this going)


I’m lost. What’s the status on this? People able to download at all?


I’ve suddenly started receiving a bunch of files which I’d marked as “do not download”. Trying to find a way to purge them without stopping the torrent.


Ok, we’ll try another tact. One torrent for each folder. I should have done this in the first place. I’ll delete what needs deleting (the emulators, HL, Cypher and if anyone remembers anything else let me know), and have the various torrents available. That way you get the torrent for what you want.

Should have done that in the first place, actually.


not a good idea trying to change the file structure while seeding. May lead to corruption, no?


Thank for the heads-up after the fact, Mr. Obvious. :stuck_out_tongue:

I kid. It’s my own fault for doing something so stupid. But I think the new way is better anyway.



I think this is much, much better. You go get directly what you want.

“Inform & Glulx”, “Infocom”, “Legend Entertainment”, “Magnetic Scrolls” and “Web-Based Games” (I hope I’m not forgetting any) are fully sorted, WITH THE POSSIBLE EXCEPTION of anything in the “Unsorted Recent Games” torrent. So if you want all the ZCode games, you’ll want the relevant folder AND the “Unsorted Recent Games”.

All the other folders are incomplete. If you want, say, all the Spectrum games, you need to take a deep breath and download the “Pending Games” folder/torrent.

Ah, one more thing! In the SORTED folders, every game comes with the documentation I was able to find that is critical for playing it. In the PENDING GAMES folder… not necessarily. I usually do some digging when I sort them. World of Spectrum, for instance, was a great resource - I’d turn there for documentation.

This isn’t to say games in PENDING have no documentation. Often they do. It’s just that some may have slipped through the cracks.

Ok, take two!


You’re always welcome here, Peter. Forget Int.fiction. They’re better off forgotten anyway.


It does sound like you could use a break, Peter. I think you’re a talented guy and your enthusiasms are a gift to the world, but peace of mind is more important than these other things. IF (and us) will still be there whenever you ever want to return.


@PeterPiers: Is it too late to ask for a copy myself? I have my own collection, but I’d love to see what’s in yours. Never mind, I found the other MEGA link in the thread. Sorry for the noise.

Sorry to hear you’re leaving the IF scene, but I can understand why. I do a lot more collecting (mostly IF Comp games) now than playing, partly because of the same reason: IF isn’t as fascinating to me as it was years ago.


More often than not if I’m playing an IF game these days, it’s an old one. Maybe it’s just me wallowing in nostalgia, but I find the games of yesteryear far more interesting than the ones we have today. Then it was all about epic quests to save the world from evil and hunts for cool treasure, these days it’s people coping with emotional trauma and the like. I have zero interest in that kind of thing. I play games for entertainment value and I don’t find such subjects entertaining.

Sure, there are still some games these days that are pure entertainment but they seem to be getting rarer as the years go by.


I really hate the “pure entertainment, fun factor” argument. Games as a participative activity are a powerful media for delivering drama and tragedy and it seems to me a waste to see them as “just games”, not unlike poker or soccer.

so I was never into pure fun puerile treasure hunts, but I’ll grant you that the Infocom school of design reached a fine middle ground between shallow fun and awe-inspiring drama quite lacking in most of today’s output.


For some reason, I always picture Peter Piers as Roger the Alien from American Dad.