and git

I imagine most of us know and use git here but I was surprised how much codecademy helped me with stuff I wasn’t aware of or had put off learning. Long story short, I’ve learned a few little things which just make it easier for me.

I’ll spare the standard “source control is great even if you just want to back stuff up” and say, well, this was quick for me to learn and you may find other courses interesting too.

Doing a brief google, turned up too. I’ve never tried it. But if someone out there has a new year’s resolution, or wants to sneak in something before 2017, I recommend codecademy for sure.

Edit: I put this in authoring just because git’s been valuable for me and a load off my mind, especially for re-releases. You can do ok without it, but even just seeing what code you checked in or making issues helps a lot of things go smoothly and gives more time for creative ideas.

Thanks for the links. I’ve been wanting to try that for ages as I would very much like to be a better coder, but it’s one of those many things I keep putting off. I always appreciate the reminder, though.

It’s nice to know these sorts of resources are out there.

Yeah, often it isn’t that you have to find the best one, but you find one that works pretty well. And often one site can fill in another’s holes.

I’ve found even the languages I can’t master, it’s neat to say, oh, yes, you can do that.

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