Content Management Systems and IF

I wrote a blog entry that changes the way I discuss FyreVM. I had always talked about “channel IO”, but often thought that was lost on people. I’m changing that discussion to FyreVM Content Types in relation to a common aspect of Content Management Systems.

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I would appreciate feedback on the CMS concept.


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I thought “channel” was a good metaphor for streams of updates. I’m unfamiliar with this use of “content type”… is it a good fit for something that constantly changes during the game, like the score or the location? What does it actually mean to define content types for this stuff?

In CMS terms, content type is more like “article”, “blog post”, “video”, “task list”, or “document list”. You may have used SharePoint somewhere, or maybe WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. The thing they all have in common is abstracting the types of content that can be defined and then displayed on a template. Often these systems allow the administrator to drag and drop content types around the screen to optimally position them.

It occurred to me that we could see Web based IF the same way. You have a canvas to draw on and your story gives you the content types to draw with.

I just looked up and it’s available. That might be the direction I go…a “WordPress” for IF stories.

Not the same as the other sites in that they focus on I7 and emitting the standard UI.

You’d load your story file, we’d open it and grab the content type list and load those in a design-mode. The author lays out the content types.

Then people playing that story would see that template.