Does anyone know what these horror films are? (somewhat graphic)

I occasionally remember snippets of films I saw when I was a kid, and proceed to try and track them down. Sometimes they turn out to be stinkers, sometimes they turn out to be films I can still enjoy (Nausicaa in particular. The Dot films, mostly, too. Visionaries was also fun to revisit. Happily Ever After, on the other hand…).

I saw a lot of horror films, and there’s a couple of scenes that are so vivid in my mind that I wonder whether anyone would know what these films are. I keep searching, but eventually I got tired, and I thought “wouldn’t it be better just to ask someone?”.

BTW, this is not related to IF in any way shape or form. I hope that’s ok.

Ok, then, one of the films was one of those “china doll horror” movies. I think it was number 2 in a series. I distinctly remember a number of china dolls, at least one was man-sized. I remember that the main antagonist (whom I remember as being a doll himself), near the climax of the film, slit his wrist (or maybe his throat) and let his lifeblood drop into the open mouth of a life-sized porcelain mannequin that I think was shaped like a skeleton, who then came to life (or rather, the main antagonist transferred himself through his blood).

Another film I distinctly remember was one where there was some sort of monster going around that, I most vividly recall, at least in one occasion tore someone’s arm out of their socket, which is quite unusual if you think about it, even for horror films. I think this one was black and white. The film ended at a hospital, and I think there was something about a birth, maybe the monster giving birth, or a woman giving birth to the monster.

Yeah, I saw these films as a kid.

There’s another film which I remember as being quite run-of-the-mill and with a silly premise: the monster needed other people’s heads to survive, or what have you. He/she routinely killed people, wore their heads and assumed their place (without any regard for gender or body build, as far as I can remember). I remember this one because it’s the first time I saw animal cruelty of any kind suggested in a live-action film - at one point he kills a dog and puts its head on.

Also, just before making this post, I found out that other films I enjoyed as a kid were the Josefina The Whale cartoons (Spanish), Pampalini The Hunter (Polish!) and Pound Puppies: The Legend Of Big Paw.

It strikes me that I’ve had a decidedly unusual viewing taste in my formative years. Wonder whether that’s affected me. That can’t be where my taste for human flesh comes from…

EDIT - Oh, and this one has been driving me nuts! It’s a cartoon with sort of ghost-hunting kids, like Scooby Doo, except that it’s all for real. I distinctly remember the antagonist, a vampire, playing an organ (Tocatta and Fugue in D minor, Bach) with his back to the camera. There were paintings that the protagonists could “fall into”. There was some sort of flying vessel, I think. The bad guy was defeated by a contrivance of many small round mirrors, that I think reflected sunlight. This one is INFURIATING because I’ve got lots of little clear images in my mind, but nothing that I can use to google for!

I asked at IntFiction and I think the doll film is a Puppet Master film. I’m still looking for the other ones!

I may also remember the film you’re referring to where the arm is torn off. (Though it might not be the same one - I’m not sure.) My mom used to watch all sorts of B-grade horror films when I was young. Some of them haunt me to this day.

For some reason, I had associated the title “Day of the Triffids” with the scene in my memory, but I skimmed through a youtube video of the full film, and I didn’t see it. Either I missed it or it’s a different fillm.

What I remember is this man out in a field, out there because he’s being stupid or brave, I can’t remember which. Something grabs onto his arm, and as he tries to get away, it’s torn off. It shows him loping erratically through the field with this big bloody spot where his arm used to be until he falls down, presumably dead. But it’s this far off, slow motion kind of movement that I remember, not quite running or stumbling. More like a stunned attempt to escape his own pain. And black and white (though it might have just been bad color.) I had in my head that he was surrounded by whatever it was that got him, either tall plants or something else. I still think it was plants, but I may be conflating things.

I have other scenes in my head as well. I was able to find some (e.g. “Five Million Years to Earth” also known as “Quatermass and the Pit”, where they discover a capsule/ship buried below London. People begin to have visions of locusty types things from Mars, and in the end, the ship activates and a huge shimmering alien/insecty head appears in the sky. The hero climbs a crane to attempt to use it to ground the entity, but it ends up breaking lose and he swings into the huge energy head, destroying the alien but killing himself in the process.)

I don’t think I’m helping, but I thought I’d at least commiserate about the arm torn off thing. :slight_smile:

Yeah, doesn’t seem to be Triffids. I don’t remember any field scenes (which doesn’t mean anything, except that I don’t remember them), and anyway, I think in my film the arm is just deliberately pulled off. Not “accidently as he’s trying to run away”.

I’ll be checking out The Beast Within soon, as a possible match, and I’ll let you know if it matches your ripped-arm film instead. :smile:

BTW, the doll one is definitely Puppet Master 2.

I don’t suppose the ghost-hunting cartoon sounds familiar to anyone?.. That’s the one I really, really, really wish I could find! That and PM2, and I’ve found that one, so yay.