'Downloadable' tag at IFDB

I today tried using the search tag ‘downloadable:yes’ (as well as ‘downloadable:no’) at IFDB, and each time I did the site returned

An error occurred searching the database.

No results were found.

Does no one use that tag, is it a real error, or do I simply not know what I’m doing? I’d hate to bug the folks there with a bogus ‘bug report’ if the latter.

I was trying to search only for parser-based new games, but unfortunately in many cases new games haven’t yet been reviewed or tagged, so they don’t show up in the results when searching with ‘tag:parser’.

hi Endosphere,

I’m afraid the “downloadable:yes|no” search tag has been broken for some time.

You can search for specific formats of parser games:
Inform http://ifdb.tads.org/search?searchfor=system:Inform

there are more parser formats e.g. TADS 3, Z-machine, QUEST…

See the advanced search page for a comprehensive list of search options.

The tag parser is made by IFDB users tagging a game. Like you I sometimes want to do a search for parser games so I tag them. But I only tag the top games (so I can find the top parser games). I’m afraid it would take forever to tag all the parser games!

Thanks for the info. It’s too bad that ‘downloadable’ thing doesn’t work, as it would be a quick and easy way to filter out most of the cyoa stuff (which doesn’t interest me much) since those are usually web/browser based. Oh well.