Google Play New Rating System

Google is now using a new ratings systems with an associated questionnaire. Does anybody else have any experience with this?

I answered the questionnaire for “The Entropy Cage” and came up with an 18+ Rating. I think that’s over the top!

The whole rating system is something that always bothered me somewhat. I never take it too seriously. Apparently, for instance, “Apps that include references to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs” are not for everyone; they are for people of “medium / high maturity”. I can understand that, and most of all the other little such individual ratings. But the commulative (sp?) effect will be a piece that’ll probably be rated higher than it need be.

Then, whether or not it means anything is another issue altogether. Whether anyone cares about the ratings. Whether parents will stop buying their children certain games based on that. I know some do; I also know some don’t.

For IF, it’s probably not an issue. Not only is it not commercial, the average IF player is of medium maturity (whatever that means); anything less and they’re playing something else!

Maybe once you go +21 you start looking down on the ratings system because it no longer has any relevance whatsoever for you…

…unless you have children. Maybe I’ll have a different take on it all if I have children of my own.

Ratings are necessary to list on GooglePlay so I have to play along.