Guncho is back online


I mentioned this in the Hello Sailor thread, but may as well start a new thread for it: my multiplayer IF system based on Inform 7, Guncho, is up and running on a new, more reliable host after months of flakiness. The address is the same: to edit in a browser, to play in a MUD client.

But it is running on a different operating system, which means there’s the potential for new kinds of flakiness. If you notice anything not working, please report it here and/or in the Bitbucket issue tracker.


Jesse, I’m about to purchase a vocore 2 soc and a solid-run cubox i4 in the hopes of running Guncho on one (or both) and accessing via talking telnet client on the other. Others here no doubt would love to get their own server running so as to understand and tinker. I wish to speak voice and hear voice with Guncho. I’d like to implement damusix sound extension code as well. This is my dream Jesse. Would you please help me? Its important to get every man up to speed who has interest in innovating. I have made time in my life to contribute to your efforts. What steps must I take to collab? My heart and mind cannot settle until I figure this out.

I wish to place the vocore 2 into a camera enabled gesture reading voice activated amulet, and have it connect to my very own server. It would be a magical prototype. Please assist, as its vital to the amulets inception.

Mystery (Erik)
Prof. Sirius DeLusion


Um… the source code is at Is that what you’re asking?


Hey Jesse,
By your response I surmise you feel confident that I will be able to install a working Guncho on the solidrun server device without great fanfare. Thank you. I’ll buy the server and do my best to get it running. (I’m green when it comes to Linux.) my goal is to master Guncho. And that means to innovate. Before that I must learn everything you know. I possess genius, and I’m smart enough to know you are a god. I too create. I need to get to the front and battle innovation, and doing so with a mind of your calibre would be ideal. Thanks again for your time. I’ll be around as I have many ideas that I wish to implement and will need to ask people pointed questions. I’m a keen member of the OS community. I’m also Mystery The Pickup Artist from VH1; FYI.


All right. I’m happy to help with specific questions or review designs, although it’s been a while since I did much work on Guncho, and my time is limited.

This also sounds like a pretty ambitious project, so I suspect you’ll be learning a lot – not only about Linux and my hacky code, but also about hardware design, speech recognition libraries, wireless networking, etc.


Understood. Yes, my mind has been bruised over many years of pushing info into it. Thanks Jesse. OS micro computers ordered.


It arrived. My GUNCHO BOX.

The Cubox Pro (quadcore 4 gig) is now in my possession.

The dream: to get Guncho running on it. Why? Because its the reason for buying it. :slight_smile:

I’ve flashed Ignition.img to a micro-SD and can choose which OS to use (Android or Debian). I wonder, how in the world do I go about this. (I tested Debian on it and it was running though there was no internet connection nor an interface I could find to turn it on - so I reflashed the chip back to ignition so I can try out another OS if neccessary.)

Kodi came with it, but its just a mediaplayer. Debian I understand is the answer, but presuming I can get the internet running on it, how do I download and install guncho on this little machine? Im already stumped on the steps. I fear my years with macs doesnt translate to this computer’s environment. My mind is swelling.

So my question, recapped: What are the steps to installing guncho on my own open source linux based computer, specifically one running Debian or the like? I got terminal in Debian to run. That’s as far as I’ve gotten.

Puzzled, Erik (Mystery)


You’ll need to install the Debian packages for Mono and Mercurial using apt-get, then clone the source code from and see if it’ll compile with xbuild.