Hello, Sailor! (introduction and project updates)


yo, Ricardo from brazil here. I’m an old internet troll, homeless in a politically correct world, and game connoisseur. My main project here is to actually reach the end of more (parser) IF.


Uh… getting a warning that posting in this thread may not be a brilliant idea, but I’m doing it anyway, because it’s called “introduction” and stilled pinned.

So, hello everybody! My username is also my real name, so feel free to call me by that one :wink: Just read through some quite interesting discussions on here. Although I’m not as active anymore in text adventure circles as I used to be (I had two quite intense phases, one in the mid-90s and one around 2010) and I don’t have any projects in the pipeline right now, I’m still playing & contemplating genre theory occasionally. This seems to be a nice place especially for the latter.


Welcome to the forum, Hannes! Personally, I find my love of IF ebbs and flows. It was actually pretty low before “Get Lamp” and the first PAX East reinvigorated it, and since then, I’ve been pretty good about staying involved in a project or two to keep me interested.


nice joke

really, nice joke


Well, I’m known for having a humor so dry that most people don’t even realize I’m joking!

Though in all seriousness, I found some interesting thoughts in the IF Comp 2016 thread, for example. At least “somebody” over there was brave enough to call out the insanity which is “achievements”. Great to hear that, especially in a place running on a software which has a virtually identical mechanic (at least I’m being bombarded with “stars” I’ve earned for trivial usage steps ;)).


yeah, I don’t get the achievements here either. I think they should only be awarded for owneds.


i actually need that small poke to do a bit more or try new things, but I see how it can be annoying. The good thing is that they get rarer, quicker. I’d assume there’s an option to turn that off? Would that be a good meta topic?


Yeah, I believe there was an option to turn the achievements off, and they really do come up with such frequency that it’s hard to interpret them as anything but a joke (one that I actually thought was funny).


Mostly playing around with vaporware’s ZILF compiler and learning the ZIL language. I have a blog which shares my (slow) progress. :slight_smile: