Hey, remember Malinche?


perhaps he’s now into Visual Novels? :blush:

BTW, some ifarchive mirrors seem to be long gone too…

There’s some Get Lamp interview footage of him (Howard Sherman) here alongside interviews with the usual suspects.

Ah, but who could forget the Last Implementor of Interactive Fiction?

Aside from the thousands of people writing games with Inform, TADS, ADRIFT, Quest, Alan, Hugo and the like? But I guess they don’t count.

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domain was sold. It now seems to house some chinese business… :smile:

Howard Sherman was before my time. But I definitely heard stories. Maybe some day I will play a game of his. With a walkthrough handy perhaps. (Yes, more for curiosity’s sake. I’ve noted the critical reception.)

By all accounts, Howard is extremely nice in person. I regret that there was so much unnecessary conflict between the worlds he was creating, the things he was doing and the rest of the scene.

I tried the free versions of his games, and never had any reason to actually buy any. Implementation was so shoddy…

Someone once sent me a copy of one of his games - I forget which - so I gave it a go. It wasn’t up to much. Not quite as bad as some people had made out but hardly the kind of thing you’d expect from someone who claimed to have sold 150,000 copies of his games and gave himself grand titles like “the Last Implementor of Interactive Fiction”.

I had a few emails from him about the subject. Apparently he wasn’t very happy about someone sending me their copy of the game and he demanded to know who it was. I think he was planning to sue them or something. Needless to say I didn’t tell him a thing and I got increasingly threatening emails from him. After I stopped responding to him, he sent me a long rambling email listing lots of charitable works he apparently undertakes (quite why he was telling me this, I don’t know).

What happened after that? Did he continue pleading for whatever he was after?

No, that was the last I heard from him. To be honest, I was quite pleased to see the last of him. He had some serious issues.