How do I privately contact someone on rec.arts?

Pudlo has turned up again on rec.arts, and since that place is mostly an abandoned sandbox I’ve been entertaining myself with what I suppose you could call a conversation.

Unexpectedly, Adam Thornton joined in! Nothing major, a small contribution - I’d referenced him (in the context “Adam and Robb used to pwn you”, and lo and behold, he pops up.

He’s expressed a strong dislike for forums, which is why, I suppose, he’s mostly off the radar and hasn’t been into, but I rather think he’d like this place. At least, I think he’d like it better than IntFiction. If he only knew we were here.

Here’s my conundrum. If I tell Adam about this place, straight up, I’ll also alert Pudlo. I’m sure we could deal with Pudlo quite entertainingly, but I’m equally sure that we’d rather we just didn’t have to, and have him never set foot in here. Does anyone know of a way to let him - and him alone - know about this place?

(the “him” in the last sentence means Adam, obviously, not Pudlo)

I have to ask: why the heck would you want him here? The guy’s a trouble-causing idiot who spent years trolling RAIF then tried the same thing on Int.fiction before they quite rightly banned him. God knows I don’t agree with most things on Int.fiction, but I’m 100% behind them on banning Pudlo. Left to me, I’d have banned him the moment he showed up.

Do we really need that prick here as well?

I think he’s saying he wants to tell Adam about this site, without revealing it to Pudlo too.

Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to have posted using an email address, so that isn’t an option. Perhaps contacting him through his IFDB page?

EDIT: It seems you could also send a PM through Dreamwidth, except I don’t have a Dreamwidth so I can’t test it.

Ah, that’s a relief. Serves me right for reading the first post and then responding before reading the second. My bad.

Just out of curiosity, if Pudlo did show up, can he be easily banned? I don’t post here very often but I like to read the discussions and all he ever brought to RAIF and Int.fiction were flame wars.

The usual way to respond privately to a Usenet post is to email the author using the address in the From or Reply-To line. I’m not sure why Google Groups doesn’t offer that option for his message, because it has this header:

From: (Adam Thornton)

I think Google is obfuscating that, but if Adam’s server obfuscated it instead, that would explain it. Anyway, he has an email address on his website at

Technically, yes.

As a matter of policy, well, interpret this however you like.

Thanks a bunch! I’ll be emailing him.

Done. He’s mostly off IF and into pen-and-paper roleplaying and writing these days, but he may pop in some time. Works for me. :slight_smile: