How do I setup Parchment not for Inform 7 (vanilla Parchment) for version 5 or 8 storyfiles?

I am wondering how to use Parchment from the curiousdannii github with version 5 or 8 storyfiles from ZILF or Inform 6. I understand how to use the z5/z8 and js base64 file and exploit it from a premade Inform 7 parchment compiled story file (it is not without its problems that way). The idea is to set up using a similar minimal version of the Inform 7, but not with Inform 7.

The easiest way is just to use Inform 7! Which is a pretty big overhead if all you want is the fancy release features, but it’s definitely the most user-friendly way.

Once you have your Z-code file, make a new I7 project, put the Z-code into the .materials folder, and “Release along with an existing story file.” This will make Inform only run the packaging part, using your own Z-code instead of the output of its compiler. (See §25.15 in the manual.)

The (hard to find) wiki page explains how to set options.

So all you need to do is add this to the html:

parchment_options = {
    default_story: [ 'stories/mygame.z5', 'stories/mygame.z5.js' ],

thank you Dannii for the information, as soon as I get to my linux workstation I will give that a go with my beta storyfile!

I use Linux as my OS to edit with Inform 7, how do I go about the .materials directory? It’s an Ubuntu distro (Lubuntu 16.04/Xennial), is it in my /home folder?

You’ll have a SomeProjectName.inform directory somewhere, which is your project itself. Next to it will be a SomeProjectName.materials directory. That’s the one you want.

thanks and cheers man!

This is my original z5 file of horror.z5 in with Gargoyle… It runs flawlessly…

However, this how it plays in parchment, via released with Parchment through Inform 7 as per your instructions, it compiled corrected evidently with no error, and this is what I got afterwards…

Am I doing something wrong?

actually I find it easier to use Dannii’s vanilla Parchment in the end, it is working smoothly compared to Inform 7, I already some prior web designing (at least amateur if not entry level) experience. So thanks Draconis, and thank you Dannii!

I was wondering, is there way to choose the color scheme? Like changing the paper white back ground, black text, and black and white status line?

So far got a ZILF 0.8 compiled file running on Parchment, plus added some HTML image tags for the title banner on top. It’s not as hard as some people think, just wish I knew the script lines of loading the storyfile into Parchment alot sooner then later XD

Yep, just change the stylesheet how you like: