How do we change usenames?

I’d like to change my username from Peter Pears to Peter Piers (it’s closer to my real name. Also, some coincidences between myself and the real Peter Pears made it fun to have that nick but I’ve been increasingly uncomfortable with it).

How do I actually do that? Is it even possible, short of creating a new User Profile?

The option is on your preferences page: click the avatar in the top right, then Preferences.

I think you can change it yourself. If not, I can make the change.

If you could, that’d be great. I can change the name but not the username - and it’s the username that gets displayed.

Done - I’ve changed both. Note that this warning came up:

If you change your username, all prior quotes of your posts and @name mentions will be broken.

That makes sense. Thanks for the warning and for the change!

LOL. Only after I looked up your previous alias I learned of the real sock tucker McCoy