Hugo games on the web!


Juhana Leinonen developed a JavaScript Hugo interpreter. He announced it over the weekend. You can check the site we put together for them here:

There are some games that we’ve placed on that page, but there’s also a tab called “Link.” You can have the interpreter run any Hugo game on the web through that.

(No graphics or sound at this point, so if you play Cryptozookeeper it’s just text-only, for instance.)

There’s a ton of things to like about this. I know that for me, personally, this also opens up game testing to the world of web-based automation testing using Selenium and/or Protractor and such, which is what I do for my day job. At any rate, enjoy!



huge hugs to Hugo folks


Glad he could chug chug away at it!


Thanks ICJ for the great news! Did Juhana put the source up anywhere for us curious folks to see (and maybe mess with)?

Once it’s stable enough, hopefully the folks up at the Internet Archive could switch to this for their Hugo game collection. Last time I tried the games there, they were using some glacially slow interpreter.


Yep. Source is here:


The Hugo page on Wikipedia was nominated for deletion today. You can see the current state of the page here - - and catch the drama surrounding the vote here:

They said it did not have enough references. It has 38 at the moment, including some from sites that the, ah, people over there consider notable sources, like the Globe and Mail, Mobygames and Rock Paper Shotgun.

The process of what they do over there makes me angry enough that I am not getting involved on the deletion “debate.” The last time I was involved with the bureaucracy of Wikipedia, I single-handedly exposed admin corruption that involved those, ah, people having their little mock trials or whatever it is they do when they get embarrassed by the press and have to pretend to do something about it. But if you want to see what’s going on, it’s at those links. If you don’t care about Hugo, the number and quality of references is far beyond what the Inform and TADS pages have, so maybe save those before they go gunning for those systems next. I will say that the act of fixing page seems to have caused the, ah, people over there to take notice and start with their reverts and calls to delete. So if you want to put in sources for Inform or TADS, do a bunch at once and do them quickly.


wikipedia is run by corporate nazis. I remember the time when I tried to edit entry to the Pixar movie The Incredibles to account for the obvious resemblance of its plot to that of the influential graphic novel Watchmen and it was right away expelled. How can we argue when creator himself lied that he never read comic books and his own ideas for his fantastic four in a super-hero movie are inspired by his family?

moderators are paid to edit things that may harm corporate intelectual property by exposing their roots to people who might lawsuit…