IF Comp 2016: Proposed Elimination of Author Gag Rule


The IF Comp organizer wants to relax the author gag rule for the 2016 comp.

His rationale is here.

If you have an opinion one way or the other, consider sharing it with him.


I can see both sides of this argument. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of it.


As far as the IF community goes, in the past, there has already been an instance of another community flooding a comp with votes for just one particular game- Adam Thornton’s IF Lord of the Rings game for the Atari 2600 resulted in lots of votes from the Atari online community for just his game in the 2002 IntroComp, resulting in his game’s disqualification. Bad feelings all around.

To be perfectly honest, I thought the vocal critics of the gag rule last year were largely crybabies and, yes, some people will take advantage of a “no gag” comp and use methods of self-promotion that detract from other entrants.

Just the same, I haven’t felt very invested in the IF Comp for several years now, and I can’t find fault with wanting to test the waters and experiment. In terms of my own creations, I’m more interested in partaking in comps and things with a more refined scope than the IF Comp, so I’ll devote my energies there and let the Comp evolve however it wants to.


Me too. I say, let them have it, and see where it goes.