IF Comp 2020, 3 ballots disqualified due to bad faith

The IF Comp 2020 results are now live.

I reviewed the result. But it seemed like some of my votes were missing.

I recorded my ballot in a spreadsheet. After I finished voting, I checked against the spreadsheet to make sure I had voted for all the games I played.

On the IF Comp results page each game has a graph depicting the number of judges that gave the game each rating. The scale is 1 vote. There are cases where the graph shows that only 1 judge gave a particular rating. There is a bar in each graph for every rating. Gaps in the graph appear to show that no judge gave that particular rating. If there is a gap, but I recorded a vote in my spreadsheet, I can detect that my vote is not included in the graph.

18 votes are missing. Some votes are for games that tied, including one of the 1st place ties.

I can’t confirm that any of my other votes were counted although I logged into the IF comp web site multiple times during the judging period and checked them against the spreadsheet the final time.

I voted in a similar way to how I did in the last few years. In the past I logged in weekly and uploaded a few ratings. In recent years, I log in once or twice to upload all my ratings.

I have not received any emails to my IF Comp voting account.

It’s quite likely that no one from the comp committee will see this, at least not any time soon. Please email ifcomp@ifcomp.org or info@iftechfoundation.org.

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Thanks @curiousdannii

IF Comp has published a comment:

My ballot was disqualified, so of course, my votes don’t appear in the charts.

Interesting. From the post:

This year, we disqualified three ballots because the ratings on those ballots strongly suggested that their votes were not made in good faith. This runs afoul of Judge Rule #7, which states that:

Judges must make a good-faith effort to play, as intended, every game that they submit ratings for. Conversely, a judge who did not or could not make a good-faith effort to play a certain game must not submit a rating for that game. The competition organizers reserve the right to disqualify any ratings that appear to have been submitted under any other circumstances.

More than three ballots were strongly scrutinized due to this rule, but only three ballots were deemed so clear-cut as to merit disqualification.

Any idea why your ballot was deemed not only suspicious, but “so clear-cut as to merit disqualification”?

I don’t know. I suspect that “extreme” ratings has something to do with it. If three ballots have more extreme ratings than any others then they’re the most extreme. Just guessing.