IFComp 2014 Results

@ifcomp live-tweeted the results starting at 12:00 PST today. More details are available on the IFComp site.

Golden Banana of Discord

With Those We Love Alive

Miss Congeniality

1st place: "Hunger Daemon"
2nd place: "Krypteia"
3rd place: “Missive

Main Competition

1st place: "Hunger Daemon"
2nd place: "Creatures Such as We"
3rd place: "Jacqueline, Jungle Queen!"
4th place: "AlethiCorp"
5th place: "With Those We Love Alive"
6th place: "Fifteen Minutes"
7th place: "Missive"
8th place: "Eidolon"
9th place: "Krypteia"
10th place: “Tea Ceremony


I missed top ten by one place, dangit! I’m happy with my placing though - I was 13th of 35 last year and 11th of 42 this year. Comp 21, YOUR UPPANCE SHALL COME!

(Even my mum was impressed at “eleventh place out of forty-two entries” despite her having no clue about what I’m actually doing!)


I’m reading very interesting reviews and praise for your game, so congratulations - seems like the sort of game I’ll enjoy! I like the Andy Phillips games, and the old-school games - I like bite-sized games, but I’ll also drool over a banquet of a game, as long as it’s not a disconnected-puzzle-fest in the vein of Not Just An Ordinary Ballerina, which your game doesn’t seem to be.

I’m playing games alphabetically to make sure I play them all, as I’ve said quite often. There are games that I’m quietly savouring the antecipation of. The Slate Tales series; Trinity; Spider and Web. Games that I know I’ll enjoy, and am slowly getting to, smacking my lips. I am now also antecipating playing Transparent in the same way.

Of course, you’d probably feel better if I’d actually play your game. :slight_smile: Next best thing!

I’m not surprised HD won - it’s a solid piece. Amazingly mundane, in a way - the Lovecraftian culs and horrors are treated in a very mundane way, the puzzles themselves are mundane and in other contexts boring (thinking about each puzzle individually you see that, apart from getting rid of the beetle, they are all very ordinary actions that contrast with the Lovecraftian stuff you’d expect), and this is what I love most about it - as did everyone else. Serious humour - i.e., humour that arises from an extraordinary set of situations and circumstances viewed in a different light, and having the courage to stick to that point of view for the whole game, never falling into idiocy or slapstick or cheap laughs, even incorporating it into the puzzles.

I’m glad to see Krypteia scored highly, too. On my very first playthrough I got an ending that completely satisfied me (Subterfuge), that I felt reflected the appropriate outcome of my carefully-made choices. I’m hoping to see more from the author.

I’m sure I’d enjoy Eidolon more with a save-game feature, as everyone else said. That game did get me seriously hooked. Loved the atmosphere, loved the writing. Even when it veered a bit into clichèland, it was always off-beat enough to be fresh. Great mix of puzzles and story, too.

I have to admit, it doesn’t feel, at this moment, that the IFComp had as many varying degrees of quality as I spent days talking about elsewhere.

I still say that the community would have everything to gain with some regular-ish, quick and dirty SpeedIF-style events, though. :smiley:

I’m currently beta-testing the post comp release of Transparent, so please do wait for that if you do play. Hopefully I’ll get it done by the time you’re at the Ts. :smile:

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Hanon: Gratz on the 11th!
I was stoked to get 14th with The Entropy Cage. Let’s see what happens next year. I am working on the post-comp release (including android app) now.

Likewise! - I really liked Entropy Cage when I got what was happening. In fact, I’m currently trying to figure out how not to inadvertently duplicate your concept for another WIP I’m mulling that involves AI.

Don’t worry about it too much. AI is a big topic that’ll fit a ton of stories exploring different angles. I’d be honoured to soundboard some of your ideas in private if you like.