IFComp 2015 Dev Blog

Since we’re allowed to talk about games beforehand, I thought I’d write this up. Probably a lot of people on here have seen the links already, but in case not–might as well gin up a bit more activity if I can.

The blog’s been useful for me just to get stuff done I meant to, and maybe people will be able to take ideas, or ask for ideas.

I really want to procrastinate less this year, and to attack stuff where I often say “oh, someone else can do that!” So this should help me, and maybe it’ll be fun for everyone else, too.

I won’t be sharing game details (though if someone wants to do initial testing I’d be thrilled) beyond stuff like: here’s my prologue, here’s the epilogue, and here’s why I’m doing them first.

So yeah, this is also a side plea for testing. Because while there’s not much to test, someone saying they’d like a look would definitely push me to the sort of stuff better done now than, say, September 24.