iFrotz now plays TADS

I’m very pleased to announce (just as a player and tester) that iFrotz, now out on the Apple store, plays TADS games!

The support is about on par with Gargoyle. No hyperlink support yet, nor any media support - images, sounds, etc. No autocomplete yet either, for those who got used to it (and isn’t it a godsend in mobile devices?).

Playing both .gam and .t3 files, this is a major breakthrough! And of course it can only get better. iFrotz may currently be the best mobile interpreter for IF right now.

Hey, I tried to annouce this on https://plus.google.com/communities/107308642589798220682 as well. It must have showed up at some point, because two people +1d it, but now I can only find it if I specifically look for it, like if I look for my posts or for iFrotz. Does anyone else see the announcement? Shouldn’t it be right on the first page as the most recent post?

After I look for it awhile it starts appearing on the main page as normal. Then if I leave it and resume browsing elsewhere, when I come back it’s not there.

Yes, I see it.

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Thanks for confirming. Seriously, it’s like a roulette game, every time I hit F5 and the page refreshes it’s anyone’s guess whether I see it or not - whether it’s there or not.

Son of Hunky Punk on Android got that for quite a good years :wink:

it also got a recent overhaul with a verb list at the bottom (not so cool) and it’s now possible to choose words from the text :smile:

Does Son of Hunky Punk also support Glulx games with graphics? Serious question, not having an Android I don’t know.

Also, does it also run .t3 files or just Tads 2 .gam files?

sadly not :sweat:

it does run some t3, not all

Anyway, TADS terps are in short supply. Comparisons aside, another TADS interpreter in the world is a good thing. :slight_smile:

Another HUGO interpreter in the world would be an even better thing! :wink:

I think Roberts could try this:


to compile tadsr to javascript. who knows it gets a parchment-alike with little trouble? might not help us on mobile (parchment doesn’t look so nice on the small scree), but it might free it a bit from windows-only and make a host of great games readily available on the web

Well, you can already make web versions of TADS games and upload them to IFDB. It’s a start!

It’s not trivial, but it’s not difficult or complex either, from what I read.