IFTF supports twine-only website

In an anonymous update, on May 6th, the IFTF announced support for a single-format web site. This web site only allows one format of games to be hosted. The norm for IF resources like IFDB and IFARCHIVE is to allow any format of games.

By supporting a website which prefers one kind of game and excludes all others, the IFTF appears to be condoning sectarianism. I hope there won’t be a backlash against the IFTF or against the innocent privileged format, twine.

From my reading, I don’t get the impression that it detracts from other kinds of IF, and I don’t think that every member of the IFTF has to only support places that treat all IF equally as they are a committee with several different areas of expertise. I’m sure the IFTF also has a vested interest in sites that have traditionally emphasized parser games like the IF Archive, the IFDB, and the XYZZY Awards (maybe emphasis is the wrong word, but even to this day, I’d imagine those sites are more populated with parser games than Twine).

What’s on IF Archive is already preserved. In this particular case IFTF chose to focus on preserving IF that was not already preserved. I seriously doubt it’s meant to be a value judgment about which category of IF is best. I think you’re reading too much into this.


It’s being conducted by the IFTF Twine committee, all this tells me is that the IFTF is serious about logical structuring. Also, it’s not an anonymous update, the author of the article you mention is the IFTF.