IFWiki tasks

In the past people have expressed interest in contributing to IFWiki, and I know AndrewS had wondered what sorts of tasks need to be done.

  1. Fixing dead links. Many of these can be detected automatically, using a script, and the script also checks to see if there’s a Wayback machine link. I’ve run the script a handful of times already, so I have a list of links to be fixed. It’s a long list that could easily be split among several people.

  2. Updating technical pages.

  3. Filling in missing info on competition pages. For instance, I don’t know if the Ectocomp results ever got added. And on the IFComp 2016 page, the platforms of the games are not listed. If you haven’t made these sorts of edits before, you can check out the style guides for comp page and game listings; they’re very specific.

  4. If someone wanted to take over doing regular IFWiki backups, maybe 2-3 times a year (this requires Python 2), I could re-install Python 3 and start using my other IFWiki scripts again.

There’s likely more to be done, but these are the things that are coming to mind at the moment.

Maybe the list of broken links could be pasted to a discussion page on ifwiki which we could edit as we go through it?

Ok, the list of dead links is here.

I didn’t remember until I looked at it that this is not a complete list of all the dead links on the wiki. This is only the dead links that are found on “people pages.” (The dead links that I haven’t already fixed, that is.)

The number of links on this list has been reduced from 267 to 100. A few were links that had already been taken care of (but hadn’t been removed from the list) but for the most part…hooray for progress!


Awesome! This is something I think we all want to help with, but just not right now. So it can be frustrating getting people to come along.

Until then, I leave everyone with this game from the Apollo 18 Fingertips collection. Hopefully it’s a reminder to us to get stuff done that we always wanted or meant to, whether it’s this or other things.

Oh and do keep us updated with milestones, or even if you found a bunch of new dead links, or if there’s a new task. Sadly people, even motivated people, need to be poked a bunch of times before they do anything. And by they I mean we. And some stuff someone might say “Hey! I can do that!”

Now we are down to 51 links…

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Aaaand we are down to zero links! :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:


Congratulations (and looking forward to the next list)!

A new link list is up! 588 links!