In-Line Topical Hints: extension in production

I split this off from the main topic because I think this extension has enough meat to be a Real Thing.

I’ve started up a try at an extension. It still has a few bugs I need to fix. But I think it is on its way.

Its name is In-Line Topical Hints, and the game that shows off its
capability is called Fetch Quest. It’s a simple game, but it shows how
rule-based and absolute hints work.

Anyone willing to fiddle with it, I’d be grateful. In fact, I think
the original author is the person who’s helped me with a bunch of issues
so far. If you find any, you can report them here:

Currently it’s for 6L only. I also need to write up the rubric and so forth. That’s a bit intimidating, but first things first–does this make sense? Are there any useful features/options? It seems less unwieldy than object-based hinting.

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