IntelliJ IDE

Anyone using IntelliJ for their day jobs or so forth? I love it - best IDE I think I’ve ever used - and I get thinking about how it’d be nice to make it work for Hugo.

The ability to dive into function calls and have auto-complete would be really, really nice.

I’ve been using sublimeText to develop Cyberganked and it doesn’t have syntax support for Hugo, although if I set it to a language called “Go,” which I had not heard of, it’s pretty close. Apostrophes in comments throws it off, but I’ve been starting Hugo comments with !// and it’s been fine. Anyway, just wondering what other people think if they’ve tried it out.

I’ve used it in the past, and also PhpStorm and Android Studio, which are based on the same core. Here’s a tutorial for adding new languages.

I will say that if anyone wants to make some money and is interested in making IntelliJ recognize Hugo, shoot me a DM. I’ve loved text editors like EditPlus and sublimeText, but I need the ability to dive into routines.