Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation

“A new nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the software and services that have long made IF creation, play, and study possible.” –post at


Their website:

Social media:


  • Jason McIntosh (President)
  • Chris Klimas
  • Flourish Klink
  • Andrew Plotkin
  • Carolyn VanEseltine

Advisory board:

  • Jacqueline Ashwell (IntroComp, ClubFloyd)
  • Liz England (Ubisoft Toronto)
  • Dan Fabulich (Choice Of Games)
  • Jon Ingold (Inkle Studios)
  • Max Gladstone (independent)
  • Alexis Kennedy (Failbetter Games, independent)
  • Nick Montfort (MIT)
  • Brian Moriarty (WPI)
  • Jim Munroe (Hand Eye Society)
  • Maddy Myers (The Mary Sue)
  • Michael J. Roberts (TADS, IFDB)
  • Emily Short (independent)
  • Dietrich Squinkifer (independent)
  • Kent Tessman (Hugo)
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