Is there a way to disable notifications of our own posts?

This is kind of a small thing, but it sort of builds.

So many times I’ve written a post before I went somewhere, then I got a “new email” noise…that simply notified me of the post I just made.

Is there any way for the site to fix this with the current framework? If not, whom would I ping to ask for a feature to allow this? It’s not going to make me ragequit, but it is disappointing to see something in my one folder and realize, oops, it’s not really new.

Are you using the “Send me an email for every new post (unless I mute the topic or category)” option? It looks like there’s also a mute user option that mutes notifications for particular users. Does it work to mute your own username? I haven’t tried the “Send me an email for every new post” option b/c I subscribed to the digest at first (which has a daily option, too) but now that I’ve got all the posts showing up on my feedreader I should probably just unsubscribe from the digest.

(It does seem kind of strange that it’s immediately sending you an email though. Even the option for “send me notifications even if I’m active” has a note that says “We’ll only email you if we haven’t seen you in the last 10 minutes.”)

That’s a good idea! I tried it, and if I don’t get an email soon, I’ll know it worked.

If the time-delay isn’t working for me, though, that’s another issue. So we’ll see.

Hmm, the way I signed up for notifications is to go into each category view (e.g. and select “watching” from the drop-down in the top right. This doesn’t send notifications for my own posts.

One of these threads from the Discourse support forum might be relevant: If not, that’s also the best place to file a bug report.