Kerkerkruip or other open source projects

Was just curious if Kerkerkruip was still being developed or not? I notice on Github, the repo hasn’t had a commit in over a year. I may be interested in working on some fixes / changes, but there didn’t seem to be any activity going on with it. Anyone with any ideas there?

Also any other open source projects (games specifically) that are still active or are in need of some attention? I’m already a member I7 org on Github, so I know there are plenty of extensions that probably could use some updating. I have an itch to work on some I7 (or perhaps even learn TADs or another language) but no real desire to start anything new.

This is kind of an alien and strange notion - that of updating IF games, rather than interpreters.

text-adventures predate all that open-source jazz, even though has about the same origins: that famed 70s AI lab ran by Adventure-playing and Lisp inventor John McCarthy and that housed both the Infocom founders as students and Richard Stallman, the free software revolutionaire.

Up until quite recently, an author would compile the game source into a game file, then release it, and perhaps polish it later due to feedback. And that’s about it. But we’re living an age of software as service, of DLCs, of microtransactions… text-adventures sound more old than ever besides being all text… not that I think these trends are any good.

I believe Kerkerkruip and Counterfeit Monkey have their sources open to anyone, so anyone can study and modify it. But this is not software for a pragmatic purpose, it’s an art artifact of sorts. I’m more interested in the authorial input rather than that of some editor.

In any case, bug fixing is good, can’t argue with that…

I really don’t have any desire to change story or any of the “art” of the game. If I was interested in expanding story, I have plenty of ideas and half-finished projects of my own to jump on. It’s more a desire to fix bugs and help a project along that may have been sitting out there with no one touching it (but open for touching)

I do plenty of other open source stuff (Trizbort being my primary one), but just have an interest in getting back into I7 as I’ve not really touched it much in the last 2 years. I’ve dabbled in Counterfeit Monkey, so that is definitely one to look at closer. Kerkerkruip seems to have went quiet in the last year, but I recall in the past they seemed to encourage “artistic” submissions, given certain guidelines, so that may be of interest as well. But in reality just kind of getting a feel if there is anything else out there, as there doesn’t seem to be much.

Kerkerkruip is a hybrid roguelike / IF game. There’s a tradition of ongoing development of roguelikes, probably because they’re heavily randomized for replayability.

Neither Kerkerkruip or CM have officially stopped, it’s more that everyone got busy. Both are held up on graphical updates because of the new I7 versions, and no one who really knows how the old extensions were written.

If anyone wanted to make a huge contribution to I7, a maintained graphics extension, whether based on Glimmr or brand new, would be fantastic.

Is it a matter of Glimmr just not working in 6M62? or are there features / bugs that need fixed and it’s just not being maintained any more?

Mostly it’s just that it broke with the I7 updates. But it doesn’t match my personal style and feels a little cumbersome to use, so if I were writing one I’d do it differently. But I don’t have time so I can hardly complain can I!

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Are there any particular problems with the graphics in the current Github Counterfeit Monkey? I mainly stopped working on it because I ran out of bugs to fix.

It’s just all the map. It doesn’t place the elements correctly, and if you resize the window it goes haywire because it’s still super buggy. I’d love to fix it, but probably won’t get time till December haha.

What interpreter is this on? I can’t seem to reproduce it here.

I’d forgotten about so maybe there aren’t many/any outstanding issues? Does the compass rose look right?

Yeah, it looks fine to me.

EDIT: If anyone wants to check out the latest unofficial version, it can usually be found here: