Learning ZIL (deleted)


deleted in response to complaint by curiousdannii


You don’t need four topics for your blog. If you want to share updates, please do so in one topic.


Sorry if I’m being dense. I thought to relocate the previous 3 posts using the 4th as the root of the topic but there seems to be no way of doing that or even deleting the previous 3 posts. I’m not trying to spam anyone.

Hey, I suppose this stuff is a lot less interesting to others than it is to me anyway. I’ll just remove it.


Hey, I didn’t want you to delete your posts! I just thought it would be better to keep to one update topic, like for example, Andrew’s: Andrew S’s weekly Progress Topic


FYI, as an admin, I can split and merge topics if needed. You can click the flag icon and select “something else” to send an admin note.

Please feel free to resubmit these posts in one topic. I’ve deleted the others, and I’ll hide this one.

unlisted #7


OK. Fair enough. But your tone came across to me as sharp, abrupt and imperious. I don’t need that. No offense meant.