Map Thread

I’ll be writing up maps for games, probably with Trizbort. I’ll try to avoid overlapping David Welbourn’s fine work and give coverage to less well-known games. They may not be the good ones, but they’ll be there.

Luster, 2011 IFComp game:
Slasher Swamp, 2014 IFComp game:

I noticed RoodyYogurt wrote up 2 in the Trizbort thread here: Trizbort Update

Coming up in a bit: Adventurer’s Backyard, 2015 ParserComp game, and possibly Terminator from the same competition.

Any requests or creations would be welcome here, too. I’ll see what I can do. I may also semi-selfishly add my own games.

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That is a nice thread idea!

Thanks! Hopefully these maps will help put the idea into action a bit.

I’m not sure if Dropbox is the best place for these. Maybe the images are ultimately better on some other site, but until then, I will just put up what I got.

An Adventurer’s Backyard, from 2015 ParserComp:
The People’s Glorious Revolutionary Text Adventure Game, which is the first -really- good game I wrote up:

(Note: items might not be perfect. That can be fixed later. And I’d be glad to know. It’s just good to be writing stuff.)

There is a /solutions/maps directory on the IF archive, and it’d probably be best if a lot of maps ended up there, too.

Man! I just never considered that. It seems obvious now you mention it. I really hated having those weird links for what I wrote up, and that way, yeah, it wouldn’t be an issue.

I also never considered I could collate PDF documents in FoxIt so that I could add a walkthrough. So I may add to that. I also may submit stuff to Classic Adventure Solution Archive, too. And I’d be curious if there were any other good places.

Yeah, adding additional info to PDFs can be nice too.

In the instance of maps without extra data attached, I’ve wondered which format people would like to see maps released in. What makes you prefer PDF, and what are other people’s thoughts on it?

It was PDFs or PNGs, from Trizbort export. I picked PDF since I’d like to add walkthroughs at some time.

Plus PDFs are pretty lightweight, and they can be merged together if people need. But I’m open to any format.

Yeah, it’s a tough call. I had decided I like PDF better the other day, but just now, when looking for a map for Lurking Horror, I was reminded of the usefulness of choosing a format that’ll show up in google image search.

That’s a good point! I don’t think having both would be too awkward. (One other thing: PDF has metadata. PNGs don’t have as-robust metadata yet, as I understand.)

A small update–I’m working on building a sample files suite for Trizbort. Currently I have a GitHub repository at

There are only 2 files (with PDF and PNG) there now–I’ll be dumping more later. I’m still trying to decide which files would be best to put in a Trizbort file suite.

I’d like to pull a game from each IFComp with a reasonably complex map, just to give IFComp a bit of a hat-tip & also to give a good idea what Trizbort can do. I have 2011 and 2013 covered, and games like Escape from Summerland seem like ideal targets for mapping, because it’s not just a straightforward map.

I don’t know much about before 2010, so if anyone has requests or suggestions, great!

My stuff is at and it will probably be merged to super soon.

Just finished a first draft of a Beyond Zork map. It includes flying with the Ptero and also the astral plane. Some notation may not be clear, and I don’t know how to detail it, but I hope this is pretty good. = pdf = trizbort

On dropbox right now (been doing this at lunch) but tonight it’ll be moved to

This is a map where I think I can be clearer, but I’m not sure how–and I think Trizbort is able to tackle the maps better than something more standard. This is a big enough project I might write a GameFAQs guide too. I haven’t written anything for there in a while & Beyond Zork has so many nagging pitfalls…