Modifying new Inform builds for Guncho

If I wanted to run Inform 6L38 on a Guncho server, what would need to be modified? The I6 replacements are the first thing that comes to mind.

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Great question - the lack of documentation around this is one reason it’s gotten out of date.

Start by diffing the latest HackedI7 files from the Guncho source against the same version of stock I7. IIRC, several I6 template files are modified, but all the I7-level changes are in a new extension which is included by the Standard Rules.

Broadly speaking, Guncho’s library changes involve setting up an out-of-band channel to talk to the server, handling server events like players joining and leaving, switching around the viewpoints to handle commands from different players, and generating reports for all the players who witness an action.

A series of diffs indicates that very little has changed. The compiler itself is unmodified, and the library changes are localized to the new “Guncho Cabal” extensions; the only change to an existing extension is a set of “Include” lines in the Standard Rules.

The difficult part then is finding all the I6 library changes and extracting them in a useful way. I’ll post here if I’m successful.

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