This place is a s lively as the moon.

“Silence is one of the great arts of conversation.” --Cicero

In which case you’re doing a great job. You deserve a pat on the back, which you must administer yourself, as you’re pretty much the only person here.

That was worth a lol.

That said, I’m here now. Guys.

What if my setting up a Guncho server were …

IMPORTANT? Because either it is or it isn’t.

I repost this in the hopes of reaching those who can help make it happen. I’m working to make a magical amulet that can serve Guncho. Isn’t that important? An electronic Magical amulet.

Jesse, I’m about to purchase a vocore 2 soc and a solid-run cubox i4 in the hopes of running Guncho on one (or both) and accessing via talking telnet client on the other. Others here no doubt would love to get their own server running so as to understand and tinker. I wish to speak voice and hear voice with Guncho. I’d like to implement damusix sound extension code as well. This is my dream Jesse. Would you please help me? Its important to get every man up to speed who has interest in innovating. I have made time in my life to contribute to your efforts. What steps must I take to collab? My heart and mind cannot settle until I figure this out.

I wish to place the vocore 2 into a camera enabled gesture reading voice activated amulet, and have it connect to my very own server. It would be a magical prototype. Please assist, as its vital to the amulets inception.
Mystery (Erik)
Prof. Sirius DeLusion

I haven’t ordered them yet as I’m waiting on Jesse’s important response. I’m a new brain on the scene. I’m 45 and brilliant. With guidance I will bring magical devices into reality. The amulet has a mic for voice command and a gesture reading cam. “Look” is a hand gesture. “Summon Vaperware” is a voice command. The server is worn. If it’s believed to be straight forward installing, I’ll go ahead with the purchases. I wish to collab with the OS community to bring a virtual creation station of project labs people may explore and contribute to something big. This is big. Imagine an amulet that can play Guncho.

An old troll and a delusional new one. IF is great…

your thoughts on twine clickable fiction, Jacek?

Seriously, is it me or is it the interface or has this place been desolate since July 28?

It’s about as desolate as parser-based IF. The other forum became a dump for technical questions. Meanwhile, cyoa became fashionable again as some gay outlet and their forums are full.

actually, it seems twinery forums were closed. Web forums are just as out of fashion as typing commands at a prompt or indeed typing rather than thumbing up one-liners or pictures.