New online Text Game Maker


I’ve been working about two years on an online text game maker (it has been mainly one of my side-projects). Now I have managed to publish it on a beta state and I’m keen to find people to experiement with it.

In few words, it’s a multi-selection text game development platform with (what I think) an easy learning curve. You can create games with graphics or (as a bonus feature) use ANSI-characters to gain that good-old DOS-look. Games can be developed/played in a modern browsers so no need to download any software.

You can find the text game maker at

Hopefully you enjoy the game maker. You can send feedback, comments and/or bug reports to my email admin(at)

Looks really neat, congrats! Love the DOS look. It’s like they could have been right at home in 1993 as BBS door games!