I am ecstatic to hear about this. Kickstarter is funded, so it should happen: Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick making a new SCUMM adventure game (“as if you discovered it new in a drawer”).

FWIW, I’m not sure if they’re using actual SCUMM, although I don’t see why they couldn’t. Pixelly art, verb grid, switching characters. Yaaaaay! Personally, I hope they "don’t* hit the voiceacting stretch goal. Monkey Island jokes always were timed so much better when you read them.

And estimated at 18 months, it may hit before the second half of Broken Age.


Amazing stuff! Looks more like Manian Mansion / Zak Makracken than anything else, and I confess I was expecting something more in the Indy 3 / MI vein - they’re going seriously old-school, then.

I’m so getting this. :slight_smile: