New Trizbort Update

Just released a new version of Trizbort.

I thought I would release here first before announcing it to the rest of the world.

This has a lot of stuff in it…most of which was completed back in December, but I’ve been sitting on it for quite some time mostly due to lack of time to do any hobby type work. Trying to spend at least a little bit of time this spring doing some “fun” stuff.

Thanks to @AndrewS for a lot of these changes as he really went to town on this back in December and added quite a few nice new features.

Can’t say I’ve exhaustively tested everything, but it all seems to work pretty well.

As usual, any bugs, feature requests or just general comments, feel free to send my way through this thread or on github.



Hooray, I love these announcements.

Great to see this! I know I got sidetracked with testing on my features, so I appreciate you picking up the slack.

I learned a lot about throwing “just one more feature on there” and, well, source control in general. I do want to get the documentation revamped for the next release. It sometimes is just a matter of taking 15 minutes a day and suddenly there’s a lot done.