ParserComp judging?

I’m in. 30 days to grade 10 games. (I’m not necessarily barred from the games I tested, but I don’t feel quite comfortable judging.) I hope to post on my blog,

Right now I’m drawing a Trizbort map for Mean Streets, too.

Now that I am funemployed, I am planning to play all the games. I just finished the first one, looking forward to the rest.

Hadn’t heard of Trizbort before, looks neat!

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here in Brazil, it’s carnival. Samba, people running halfnaked in the streets… not really my cup of tea, as any geek. So instead I took the time to catch up with IF for good. I was into Curses and Muldoon these days but just spent this whole night playing 2 games from the competition. They are far smaller (and unpolished) than those 2 classics… Once I play at least seven, I can submit.

Not sure if that Carolyn gal will accept my vote after kicking me out of the other board, though… perhaps I’ll just use another handle…

I was intending to review the games but I’m not too keen on the six categories in which scores of 1 - 5 need to be assigned. It seems a bit anal for my liking and a lot of hassle deciding how many points the puzzles in one game are worth or whether it was technical enough to get a 5 out of 5. I’d be a lot happier with a simple 1 - 10 score and just one category: how good was it?

So I might just write some reviews of the games, assign my own marks and leave off voting.

I recommend it, whether in its previous state or its current development. is the old version. is the in-process version. The main upgrade is that it keeps track of regions.

Well, there’s no reason she would. Didn’t realize you got kicked out. I’d think a lot of people banned from newsgroups have probably been allowed to vote in IFComp. You just have to provide constructive criticism.

Also: my first review is up.

I’m disappointed. I really wanted to enter this comp, but I also kind of knew I had no time to start a new game. Glad it happened, though!