Random cycling text: what's a good limit?

P.S. I never answered the thread title: ‘what’s a good limit?’ I can’t put an exact number to it, but to replicate what a human might sound like repeating things with slight variations, I found looping to the beginning after 3 to 5 steps was usually enough to make it sound like a human might in the same situation. Two is really too few. More than five probably works but might begin to sound like a thesaurus (human beings don’t vary their repetitions THAT much- only slightly, adding little intros like ‘No,’ or extros like ‘, man’). But when it’s not just a style and adding actual variant content like book titles, I’m not sure there is a limit besides the developer’s patience for not-directly-relevant detail.

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There are some easier ways to do it if you’re interested (though sadly none of them are perfect). For example:

When play ends: resume the story.

This makes play continue from the same place as though it hadn’t ended. In a one-move game that might be acceptable, since that one move doesn’t necessarily affect the game state. You could also do:

When play ends: try restarting the game.

This just does a hard reset back to the initial state. If you want to keep some things the same you can save them to an external file; if you just want things to change slightly each time you can use my Play Counter extension to see how many times the game has been started/ended/ended finally.


Ooh! I’ll have to check that out.

And I like the idea of letting the player know that the error message is, indeed, generic, by slowly gradating it from “you don’t think there’s anything there” to “nope, nothing’s there.” I think there’s some range for humor etc. too.

[quote=“AndrewS, post:24, topic:178”]

Ooh! I’ll have to check that out.[/quote]
It developed out of a need to track paradoxes in the time-travel puzzles in Spirals. The game uses an auto-save/auto-restore behind the scenes to implement the world resetting itself after you break reality, and the play counter keeps the text moving every time this happens.

Agreed. I’m tempted to add some of that into Scroll Thief.

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I wish “Instant Restart” was an extension. I would totally use it in my WIP.

And I also like the idea of “slightly randomized error text” to avoid a robotic parser.

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