Recategorizing spoilers/reviews/hints?

Now that we have the [spoiler] tag to mark spoilers where they occur, maybe it’s time to rename or split the Spoilers section. What do you think?

I like that…spoilers is sort of a vague term. I know I’d like to post some general reviews on here, maybe even collatin, say, all the AngelSoft or InfoCom games. So having a review section would be good, and I wouldn’t have to keep track of spoilers.

I’m thinking a maps section or thread might be neat, too. Part of that is me wanting to promote Trizbort, but I think requesting or printing maps would be a handy reference.

Makes sense to me. My only question is, what would happen to existing reviews that are not spoiler-tagged?

Speaking for my reviews, there’s nothing there that needs the spoiler tag. If I do spoil something it’s quite intentional. :slight_smile: The mulldoon legacy thread should stay in Spoilers, though.

All right, I’ve created a Reviews category and moved most of Peter’s reviews there. Mine are pretty spoilery, so I’ve left them in Spoilers.