Resources for writing

I’m curious what writing resources others have found helpful, especially for coming up with a concept/story.

Here are a few links I came across, all of which are aimed at people writing novels rather than IF, but they seemed to offer some potentially useful ideas.

How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day

Writing a Novel: The Four Elements Of a Solid Story Concept

The Snowflake Method For Designing A Novel

Writing the perfect scene (motivation-reaction units)

Ursula K. Le Guin on Where Ideas Come From, the “Secret” of Great Writing, and the Trap of Marketing Your Work


This looks interesting. Skills for writing, examined individually.

The Skill List Project

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This book, Word Painting by Rebecca McClanahan, is a very helpful guide to descriptive writing. It breaks it down into manageable elements. This link is to an older edition, which is the one I’ve read, but there seems to be a revised edition as well.

(It’s been just me posting in this thread so far, but other people’s recommendations of writing resources are welcome!)

Well…I saw this thread, liked it, and coming back I didn’t realize I didn’t click on all of the links!

I forget if I mentioned this in another thread, but Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way has been a big help to me, if only for spawning the term “crazymakers.” Which is the sort of person, and thoughts, to avoid.

This has helped me focus a lot more and say less of “Well, my work might not be exciting, but…” and more “Here’s how to make stuff more interesting.”

I got it from which has been surprisingly good to me, considering buzzflash’s reputation, but this is the book that made things click the most.