RIP Alan Rickman

Just heard that he passed away. Rest in peace.

I’ve been meaning to watch “Galaxy Quest” again for months, and this is another good reason to.

It’s not fair, losing Bowie and Rickman within days of one another.

I guess this is here because of Harry Potter, and not the books. anyway, I best remember him from Die Hard, a memorable villain in the first one.

What makes you say that?

Personally, when I think of Alan Rickman, I think first of Dogma. And secondly, for some reason, a BBC Romeo and Juliet where he played Tybalt.

No, that’s a lie. When I think of Alan Rickman I think first and foremost of his voice. It’s like Jemery Irons. Some voices are just too striking.

Yeah, I don’t primarily associate him with the Harry Potter movies either.

IF players are heavily invested in the fantasy genre
Harry Potter is fantasy
an actor associated with HP died

yeah, his voice was remarkable

I am an IFers.
I like cats.
IFers like cats.

…yeah, sorry, not quite buying that. Anyway, I do really like the HP books, they’re quality stuff, but I’m seriously more of a Pratchett fan myself.

David Suchet made an interesting villain in the film version of Going Postal, but I was always secretly said they didn’t get Alan Rickman for Reacher Gilt.

I didn’t really realize how much he did. There were some “oh he was THAT guy” moments looking at his career.

I also have a lot I prefer to Harry Potter. Jenny Nimmo’s Charlie Bone series really worked for me. I kind of glazed over the Quidditch and all the passages where people reflected on Harry’s celebrity and the prophecy pretty quickly. I wound up liking the Beedle the Bard very much, though.

deceased actors who like cats don’t usually show up in an IF site, whether offtopic or not. But a deceased actor well-known for a role in a popular fantasy movie franchise? That I can buy, Pete.

This is shaping up to be a pretty shitty year overall. Only the first month and already an iconic singer and actor are dead.

For what it’s worth, I don’t really associate Alan Rickman with Harry Potter. Hans Kruger in Die Hard is the role I always remember him from.

Abe Vigoda too now. Though I do recommend reading about all the “Abe Vigoda is dead” hoaxes/jokes he participated in over the years. They’re more funny than you’d think they have a right to be, and it’s wonderful that joke never really went stale.