Running an Inform game from Dropbox

Does anyone know how to run an Inform game online from Dropbox, but without using a public folder? It could be either a “release along with interpreter” version of the game or a gblorb run from another website, e.g.

And if so, how did you do it–how did you share the file in a way that the link would work?

Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to your question, hopefully someone else will know.

But, this post is not entirely useless!

I know from experience that you can use with games in a googledrive account. When my collection still fit GoogleDrive, you could have grabbed the links off it and played them online with any time.

Hope it helps!

Thanks, Peter. Unfortunately I can’t seem to make it work with Google Drive either, even if I make the link public. The shareable link, of course, does not have gblorb in it anywhere, so I wonder if that’s throwing off How did you get a link to play with

Huh. I can’t get it to work either. But I remember matt w being very happy that he could, and thus he could play any Inform game in my collection online.

I’ll just go ask him. Maybe I’m getting things confused.

Thanks! I’ve found another solution, so no need to expend effort trying to find out. (Though if anyone does happen to know how to run games from Dropbox or Google Drive, I’d be interested to know for future reference.)

For Google Drive, I imagine it involves editing the link like described on this page:

Great, thank you! :cool: (I needed to get to 20 characters)