Saw the most beautiful thing yesterday

Hey guys. I hope you don’t mind indulging me for a bit, this has zero to do with gaming or IF in any way.

But, you know when you see something that you think is so special you just have to share it? When you just keep thinking about something that really struck you as precious? So please just humour me for a second.

I was on the tube just yesterday and in come a couple of girls, probably in their early twenties. The moment they walked in, it was all I could do not to stare, and I had to content myself with stealing glances every now and again and gazing through the window when they left.

They were mostly unremarkable. Pretty girls, unexceptional. You’d pass them by without a second look, as you would most people.

Except that they were so much in love, it was beautiful to see.

I have rarely seen so much tenderness, in hetero- or homo-sexual couples. When I see tenderness like that it’s usually being mostly given by one and received by the other. There is always an unequal measure of love and care going on. When it’s an equal measure, it’s a much lower one - the one that goes deep, the one where you feel those two people have gone through so much together that their love burns in sync in a hidden part of themselves which is kept private. It’s deep, and it’s fierce, but you don’t get to bask in the warmth of that love; it’s theirs and theirs alone.

On the other end of the spectrum there are, of course, couples who can’t get enough of each other, and it’s almost embarassing to be around them, the ones you want to say “I’ve got a condom here if you want one”, or “So, how’s that tongue-to-tonsil-massage going?” to.

Also, there are those couples who are in a world of their own. They really seem disconnected from our reality; they have our own. They live in a bubble.

These girls were something special, really heart-warming to watch. They were not in a world of their own, except in a sense that they were totally in love. The way they held hands. The way one of them would lean on the other’s shoulder. The way they would kiss. The sincerity of every gesture, the lack of sexual overtones. Watching them you got the feeling that as long as they were together they could face whatever the world threw at them, that in finding each other they had made themselves a hundred times stronger and happier. You got the feeling that, in this cynical age, where romance is often misconstrued, where feelings are put down, where deepest affections are rejected, there was still something beautiful, something glowing, something unique and special.

You know when you you’re kid and cartoons made you believe in fairies and dragons? Those girls would have made you believe in love.

I wish I wasn’t sitting right across them so I could have looked at them more often and more discreetely. I wish I could have recorded it, as proof inedible that love exists - and it doesn’t have to be inaccessible, and it doesn’t have to be overtly sexual, and it doesn’t have to be the sort of hard-earned love that decades of living together can achieve. The simple love that brings two people together, helps them face the world as one…

…and is totally infectious. “All the world loves a lover”? I never really bought that, until yesterday. It was disarming. It was like they were overflowing with true love, and you felt yourself wanting to lean over and try to sip some of the spill, trying to finally find out what it tasted like.

It might be a fairy tale, of course. Maybe one of them, or both, are holding secrets that’ll destroy their relationship. Maybe they’d just hooked up and were drunk with the first week of infatuation. Maybe it was typical puppy love. Maybe I’m reading far too much into a single moment I witnessed from my own point of view. Maybe this, maybe that, maybe those.

Fact is, I haven’t quite been able to stop thinking about them. About their tenderness together. I kept wanting to lean over and tell them how beautiful they were together, and how like a torch they shone in a bleak world of easy relationships and easier betrayals. I wanted to tell them to stay together, and stay strong, for as long as they could, because they were making a world a better place simply by the strength of their love.

I didn’t, because how creepy would that have been? (spoiler: a lot).

So I guess, instead, I’m telling you guys about it (and thus hopefully stop thinking about it). Thanks for listening.

EDIT - This forum thinks this post is like a ZILF post. No comment.

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Love is a fairy tale and youth is the right time to believe it. Enjoy while it lasts