TedTalks thread

I’ve enjoyed the book/dvd thread and one thread that seems pretty canonically interesting for any community is–what about TedTalks? My post Book/DVD thread made me recall this, and I’d like to submit another similar talk for inspiration, etc.

This may not just be “this is how to be an original thinker” but more “this is how to the most original ideas are most likely to sink in.”

I liked the point about web browsers and creativity. I remember hearing coworkers saying “IE IS STUPID” and I only changed because I was sick of it…and it wasn’t til I saw all browsers and their features that I started to see what was out there, and how to look for options.

I ran across this, which I found very useful. The thing is, I didn’t understand power. Maybe not political power, but conversational power. Feeling I was ripped off or outmaneuvered without knowing how. And it took me a long time to grasp things, or to get beyond saying, I think so and so may be manipulative here.

I think this talk applies well to both small communities like ours (and whatever movements there may be) as well as bigger movements–and it did something to get rid of some of my cynicism.