The relevance of the XYZZY awards

Andrew Plotkin wrote on re: award-winning juvenilia, more specifically Adam Cadre’s I0.

“The history of the XYZZYs is the history of this community. The fact that they demonstrate our changing sensibilities is why the early XYZZYs remain noteworthy. If we had pushed them out of our collective awareness and said “Well, we were juvenile asses back then” you wouldn’t have known enough about us to realize that things had changed.”

Trying to discuss this on will get you banned, so I figured the folks at intfic might be more inquisitive and less repressive.

Do you see the XYZZY awards as aesthetically authoritative, or do you see their function as purely historical, chronicling the “changing sensibilities” of “juvenile asses”?

Discussing that topic won’t get anyone banned on the forum. Being a troll gets you banned.

And so few people vote that pretty much all of the competitions don’t have any grounds to claim true authority. But they provide more data than having nothing would.


What Dannii said. Nobody is interested in your old grudges, honestly J.P.

It would be more interesting to discuss new stuff. How is your IF writing coming along? How about a progress report on that “mummy” WIP I had the pleasure of beta-previewing…like ten years ago?

(Apologies to community if I’m tardy to the thread and JP has already gotten banned here too!)


No apologies necessary. We don’t need any special reasons to post a bit more often.

FWIW, no one has been suspended or banned from Intfic in the 2.7 years it’s been open, and so far, it looks like that trend will continue. Grandpappy’s wisdom truly is a guiding light in these troubled times.