Thread categories

Is it possible to create a number of categories (I believe only admins can) so the users can tag their topics more freely? Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s possible, though my inclination is to only do so once we already have threads that fit them (to avoid having a bunch of empty categories). Do you have some in mind?

Well, “Parser”, “CYOA”, “Project Updates”, “Tools”, that sort of thing was what I had in mind. Also, if they’re empty, that’s not much of a problem, is it, I mean do they clutter the interface somehow? I thought they just show in the drop-down menus.

That’s funny, I thought exactly the same as vaporware - the way it currently is it’s rather clean and shows promise for future arrangement as need be. So that rather than be a clone of the IntFiction forum, this one here would be able to grow by itself. I mean, right now SPOILERS can mean anything from IFComp discussion, game reviews and hint requests, and I rather like that. I would definitely be on the side of “let’s see what happens and edit as necessary”.

Well, one problem is every time I add a category, I have to choose a color and write a description for it. :wink:

Also, I think it suggests a direction that we don’t really have yet: we only have ~10 threads so far. At this point I’d rather be descriptive than prescriptive, like the colleges that leave their open areas covered with grass and only put in sidewalks where people have worn paths into it.

That’s an option we have here that doesn’t exist in a lot of boards, and the Discourse docs recommend using it. For now, I’d say post whatever you want as uncategorized, and we’ll come back to this once there’s more stuff to categorize.

Yeah, it actually makes sense to wait till there are enough threads of a type that they could use a tag.

Well, we’ve got our first technical question! Maybe it’s time to think of a “Technical/Coding” cathegory, or what-have-you, to encourage others.

Yeah, based on what we have so far, I could see adding categories for Technical, Theory, and/or New Releases.